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About Us

Dryer Fires LV. is a family owned and operated company established here in Las Vegas, Nevada by K.D. Beasley/owner of  MCS, Master Clean Services carpet and air duct cleaning and now Dryer Fires Las Vegas, Dryer Vent Cleaning Safety And Inspection. With more than 16 years of experience in the cleaning industry here in Las Vegas, It dawned on me one day while my head was in a dryer that people really do not understand how seriously dirty their dryer and dryer ducts can get. The transition connections between the dryer and wall was either plastic or foil in almost every home I visited scrunched up dangerously against the gas pipe or wall with only inches between it and the dryer. Not to mention the masses of lint dangling out of the dryer exhaust. But the one thing that really burnt my bottom was the warning sign being ignored by the amateur or lazy retail company that installed the dryer in the first place. The orange sticker specifically stated: “WARNING FIRE HAZARD – Use a heavy metal vent, Do not use a plastic vent, do not use a metal foil vent, failure to follow these instructions can result in DEATH OR FIRE.” How neglectful, lazy and irresponsible can the “professional company” you hired to install your dryer be?

At this point I decided to expand my cleaning service knowledge to the public with a company that represented safety for your home and place of business and give it a compelling name like Dryer Fires Las Vegas to cast a spotlight on the true Hidden Dangers, that lurk within our home without our knowledge. Dryer fires can take place in your home when you least expect it if you are not aware that your dryer or dryer ducts needs immediate attention. I am so exited in my companies progress because I am giving back to Las Vegas the gift of clean and that will save lives, prevent life changing injuries, avoid catastrophes and millions of dollars in damaged property annually.

We will schedule an annual maintenance for your dryer, dryer vents and air ducts for a cleaner, healthier breathing environment at home or work.

King David/Owner-CEO Contact: (702) 830-0911

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