Air Filter Service

Air Duct cleaning & Air Filter Service, Las Vegas, Henderson & Summerlin

las vegas henderson air filter cleaning

Tired of poor service from your current filter service provider?

You can count on us to be there as one of the most   professional air duct cleaning & air filter service providers in all of Las Vegas,Henderson, and Summerlin guaranteed!

Just think about it, no more pulling out your ladder to change those dirty disposable filters  in your home ever again!

Let us make a dramatic difference to your indoor air quality by scheduling  an annual cleaning of your new electrostatic lifetime guaranteed filter replacements.

This service will include a regularly scheduled annual inspection of your air duct return , as well as fiber optic camera inspections of your air handling units and supply duct lines.

Pricing for scheduled  services will vary depending on the amount of filters needed for your home or office  and the amount of servicing time it takes to complete the maintenance procedure.  All estimations for these services are 100%  free by phone, while at your home or place of business.

The many benefits from our air filter services

  1. Never again will you have to worry about when the last time your air filters had been changed. We will let you know when cleaning service is due.
  2. Increased Air system efficiency and air quality will be dramatically better because our filters have  a much higher filtration capacity and superb airflow vs. those regular paper or fiber filters. Like a magnet the unique electrostatic four layer system within the filter creates an electrostatic charge to attract and trap tiny particles of dirt and debris preventing  it from recycling or entering into your air duct ventilation system.
  3. No more buying disposable filters at a retailer anymore. Our electrostatic filters will save you hundreds of dollars yearly and a needless trip every month for expensive replacements filters that have only 10% filtration efficiency vs. our 94% filter arrestance efficiency.
  4. No more dangerous ladder climbing to attics, ceiling returns, or rooftops, let us do all the work.
  5. Environmentally friendly- We keep disposable air filters out of the landfills because our electrostatic air filter frame and four layer material  are custom fit to your air systems permanently.
  6. The most affordable rates and competitive pricing in all of Las Vegas, Henderson, and Summerlin.