Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Commercial and Home Air Duct cleaning in Las Vegas

Why is it important to have my air systems cleaned?

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The air we breath is one of  the most precious and essential life giving elements that we unknowingly take for granted because it exists freely and we need it to survive, but the truth of what is really in the air we breath within our home or place of business needs to be clarified. The saying goes” what you don’t see won’t hurt you”, but the fact in air quality language is,” If you can see the dirt in your air ducts then it’s dirty.”

Air Contamination

Your  heating and cooling system is the lungs of your home breathing in and out daily and can generate up to 40 pounds of dust annually from a typical  6 room house. Along with the dust, we generate a great deal of air pollutants and contaminants such as dander, tiny dust debris particles and chemicals that re-circulate from 5-7 times daily on average causing a build up of contaminants within the air duct work. These contaminants can contribute to health issues especially if you already have respiratory health problems, environmental allergies, or autoimmune disorders.

The Benefits of Commercial and home cleaning

1. Cleaner, fresher, healthier air quality for your home or office environment meaning less sicknesses and down times for all your employee’s which results in increased productivity.

2. Less dust particles and dander roaming around  accumulating on office and home furnishings

3. Fantastic energy saver because a clean mechanical unit will be more efficient and perform longer when coils and blowers are properly cleaned out. This is money that can go back in your pocket annually.

4.Immediately creates a professional impression upon customers that enter your place of business, because it shows them that you care about not just appearance, but air quality and being sanitary. As the saying goes” cleanliness is next to godliness”.

Is Our Process Messy?

All of our vacuum equipment is HEPA-filtered to 99.97% so the dirt stays in the machine and out of your home. Our procedures are designed to protect your home and furnishings from dust/dirt and we always leave the home cleaner then when we arrived.