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The LintAlert is a smart, easy-to-install home safety device that monitors and displays the back pressure levels found in the exhaust conduit of the dryer. Pressure levels found in the duct-work between the back of the dryer and the exterior vent hood typically increase over time due to lint build-up or other restrictions like birds nest or vent hoods that become inoperable. Dryer Fires Las Vegas now carries the LintAlert.

DryerFlex — Safe, Efficient and Very Flexible Clothes Dryer Transition Hose. The only flexible UL 2158A Class 0 dryer duct hose that meets the International Residential & Mechanical Codes (M1502, 504). And Dryer Fires Las Vegas now carries DryerFlex on their trucks and installs it on every dryer duct cleaning job.

This flex hose is not what it appears to be. This is brand new to the marketplace and until now there did not exist a wire reinforced flex hose that met the code for venting residential dryers and that exhibited 0 Flame Spread and 0 Smoke Development in testing. This flex combines the ease of use and flexibility of the wire-bound foil flex with the fire resistance and airflow efficiency of semi-rigid aluminum flex. Created specifically to accomplish our five objectives: ease of use (very flexible), very efficient (smooth interior walls), fire resistant (meets the very stringent UL2158A Class 0 standard), meets the ICC Residential & Mechanical Codes (M1502, 504), and priced competitively.

The Lint Alert and Dryer Flex are Available Now!

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