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Dryer Fires LV has been in the fire prevention industry for more than 25 years. We are Nevada’s premier provider of dryer vent services.



Here is a brief list of the most common symptoms to let you know it’s time for your dryer clean-up.

  • Clothes are still not dry after one cycle.

  • Clothes are abnormally hot or singed.

  • The dryer sensor keeps popping a code to check the lint filter.
    (Note) Check your operation manual for a lint blockage symbol.

  • The dryer makes abnormal noises, vibrates or wobbles excessively.

  • Excessive heat and or lint build-up in the dryer room.

  • The dryer vent hose is crushed.

  • The dryer vent exhaust flap stays shut when the dryer is running.

The C.P.S.C. estimates 15,500 fires every year causing 310 serious injuries and 10 unnecessary deaths. To prevent fire and from future appliance failure, we strongly recommend every household dryer to be annually inspected and cleaned.

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