Fireplace Maintenance Services

For many years now, Dryer Fires LV has been in the industry of fire prevention and has facilitated efficient fireplace services. One of the most important maintenance services that our company provides is chimney sweeps for the removal of creosote.


Creosote is one of the components other than ash and soot that is left over when the wood is burned. A solid chimney sweep will clear dangerous creosote from the chimney flue and fire pit. Our chimney sweep service and maintenance will give you peace of mind every time you light your cozy fire pit.

If your fireplace is not well ventilated, it may be likely that there is a creosote build-up and it is recommended to have it inspected. A well-ventilated fireplace will burn the wood with crisp combustion. If the wood is struggling to burn, this could possibly be airflow restrictions coming from different sources that should be professionally looked at. If your fireplace smoke is exiting within your house and not up the chimney flue, immediately discontinue usage until you have a thorough clean and inspection for your safety.

Gas fireplaces will form soot in lighter cases, but it should be cleaned annually according to Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA).

Drier Fires LV

Our Services

  • We clean all gas and wood-burning fireplaces.

  • Fireplace service and inspection.

  • Chimney sweep and creosote removal from flue, fire pit and ash trap.

  • Lighting electrical gas burning systems and failed igniters.

  • Key replacements for gas-burning systems.

  • Hood cover repairs.